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John Elwood - Managing Director

John Elwood established Elwood Law more than 11 years ago and has nearly 30 years’ experience drafting and negotiating contracts in a diverse range of roles. Initially trained as a commercial lawyer, John then spent several years as an ICT commercial and procurement specialist, before returning to the law. He has worked for major law firms, global companies, a national telecommunications company and the New Zealand government. The perspectives provided by these different roles help him identify the commercial issues and tailor solutions that work.

John is regarded as an expert in his field and has presented at numerous technical forums, on topics such as software testing, intellectual property, open source software, and best practice contract negotiations. He has developed an extensive collection of standard contracts which streamline the contracting process and add real value for his clients.


John’s clients have said:

  • This could not have been done in such an amazingly short turn-around time without John. Corporate Legal Counsel.
  • I love reading John’s work. I wish more people in government would write like him. Government sector IT Project Manager.
  • John is the best IT lawyer I ever worked with. IT Procurement Manager.


BCA – University of Victoria, 1985
LLB – University of Victoria, 1990
Barrister and Solicitor of New Zealand, 1990
Solicitor England and Wales, 1996
Certified Gateway Reviewer


Direct 04 831 1367
Mobile 027 547 0775